Recovering after a Traumatic Birth

Although giving birth can be a wonderful experience, some births can be traumatic. You’re not alone in what you have experienced, and there is help out there for recovery.

In fact, 25-34% of women report their birth as traumatic, and 9% of these women experience postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after giving birth. So, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. 

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Our guide: Bonding with your baby and establishing connection

Bonding with your baby is essential for their development and helps you form a healthy, secure relationship with them. It can take time, though, so don’t panic!

At Hiccups & Buttercups, we’ve created a guide to help you gain more insight into:

  • What bonding is
  • What attachment styles are
  • Why bonding is so important
  • Some top tips for bonding with your baby
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Fertility and New Mother Intention Crystals
At Hiccups & Buttercups, we've teamed up with MoonKin to release two sets crystals with a New Mother Intention Kit and a Fertility Intention Kit. The products we are offering feature a collection of stones, with the products to care for them to help you feel supported on your journey to and during motherhood.
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